January 20, 2019

Private Training

Darren Spurrier PST offers private tuition for players seeking accelerated progress in their skills. Our sessions can focus on areas requiring technical development, or just improve the all-round game.

The benefits of one-to-one, or very small group numbers include:

  • Concentration of coaches attention on one player
  • Constant feedback and support
  • Appropriate level of the sessions that will always be specific to the needs of the player
  • Opportunity for rapid learning and player development
  • More opportunity for communication between coach and player

Typically, we offer a number of these sessions as a package, addressing a specific playing need or working toward an event such as a try-out. We can also provide match analysis, with a program geared around the existing strengths and weaknesses observed in the game situation, or remedial or additional fitness work, which is often popular in the pre-season.

Individual training is important for players who are not practicing with their team every day. There’s no silver bullet routine that all footballers should follow, so you have to design one based on your goals, age and skill level. Setting long and short-term goals is a must. When designing your soccer training regime, you should strive for a realistic and attainable program. How much soccer training is needed to reach your goal and become a top player? It depends on the efficiency of your training routine and your starting level.

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